The second wave of COVID in India is striking close to many of us. As IIT Madras Alumni, we have come together to raise a focused fund for breathing aids that can help stabilize people in the crucial hours when care can make a big difference.

Our goal is to raise $3 million from IITM alumni to support the procurement of 500 Oxygen Concentrators, 2,500 CPAP devicesWe are also working on matching commitments from entities in the US and in India (wherever possible) so that every dollar/rupee donated by IITM alumni could have a possible matching of 2x. We have raised $1.1 million in 48 hours and need your help to keep the momentum to 'Help India Breathe'.

How will my donation help?

This fundraise will help in procuring 2,500 CPAP machines and 500 Oxygen Concentrators, both of which help patients with breathing difficulties stabilize in the crucial hours before they get better, or are directed to more elaborate care. Currently, faced with an acute shortage of breathing aids, those with dipping oxygen levels are deteriorating rapidly.


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