Cultural Events


To Fund:

This fund is being raised to conduct two to three cultural events every month. The cultural event would either be a music concert or a dance recital by people who are professionals in their fields as well as budding artists from IITM and from outside. This event could also be competitive in nature from time to time.

Music concerts could include:
  • Instrumentalists and ensembles
  • Carnatic and rock concerts
  • Solo performances
  • Alumni who are musicians
  • Students who are musicians
  • Folk music from across India
Dance performances:
  • Alumni and student performers
  • Specific dance forms that are dying out
  • Dance battles

What IITM gets out of it:

  • Hosting an enjoyable event that enthusiasts from all across campus and outside (possibly) can enjoy.
  • The benefits of having excellent performers from different fields perform in the campus.
  • Publicity for the Institute indirectly via media and social media.
What the donor gets out of it:

The competitive event could be named after the donor and the donors name will be mentioned prominently at the events on a large screen or banners etc.

Cultural Events

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