What our Donors Say

We asked a number of our donors to tell us about their experiences at IIT Madras, and why they wanted to give back to the Institute. Here is what they say:

It is very heartening to see IIT Madras sharply focused on developing technologies which will transform our society in a very positive way. Industry–academia collaboration is going to be increasingly critical in addressing the social problems in a fast-changing world.

— Shri Kris Gopalakrishnan Co-founder, Infosys | Alumnus of IIT Madras

Shri Kris Gopalakrishnan
The only hope for eliminating poverty in India is through technology. It has to be that kind of technology that benefits the people on the ground. I am happy to say that the research already funded by us through R2D2 is bringing real benefits to people with disabilities I wish to congratulate IITM for this initiative.

— Shri T. T. Jagannathan Managing Director, TTK Group of Companies | Alumnus of IIT Madras

Shri T. T. Jagannathan
The best way to get out the ideas that germinate in educational and research institutions, to a scale, is through partnerships, including with industry bodies and government. The idea is to keep generating these ideas and fundamental knowledge in the areas of science and technology and collaborate with a broad set of people and bring it to fruition.

— Shri Lakshmi Narayanan Former Vice-Chairman and CEO, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Shri Lakshmi Narayanan
The world class education that we get at IITs is unbelievable. The quality of education we get at the IITs are comparable to top institutes like MIT, but for a fraction of the cost. IITians have set unbelievable benchmarks all over the world. There is more spirit, more dynamism, more movement, more thrust and palpable energy in the management of IITs. It is no longer just an academic institution; it’s a global powerhouse. I urge the alumni to give back to their institute in whatever small way they can and I’m sure the joy they experience will be unmatched.

— Dr. Krishna Chivukula Founder and Chairman, INDO MIM Tec Pvt Ltd | Alumnus of IIT Madras

Dr. Krishna Chivukula
It was IIT that gave me the basic educational foundation to build my career on. IIT gave me a very generous scholarship. It was very easy for me to provide support for IIT to have its own the computer science building. I feel extremely proud to be associated with a project of this nature. I recently also learnt that IIT Madras has been ranked No. 1 as the best educational institution in graduate studies by NIRF. We the alums want to do what we can to see to it at IIT madras stays there in the future and it is able to achieve global rankings also. I am proud of the achievements of IIT Madras and I am happy that I am able to play a small role in it.

— Shri Subramonian Shankar Founder and CEO, Amzetta Technologies | Alumnus of IIT Madras

Shri Subramonian Shankar

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