Why Give

IIT Madras played a key role in building you
and taking you to greater heights.

Here's your chance to reciprocate.

Education at IITM is highly subsidized, with the Government footing up to 66 times the fee you paid, as a student.

Having benefited from this generous investment made in your education and growth, we now invite you to give back a gift of love to your alma mater. Just one week's earnings in a year or 2% wealth gifted back to IIT Madras would help us build a 1 billion endowment. This would be gainfully deployed by the Institute towards enabling cutting-edge technology-based education, infrastructure, research and innovation.

And your gift and generosity would be forever etched, both in our campus and on this portal on our Donor Wall.

Here are five more reasons why you should consider giving back to IIT Madras:

We've scaled up

We currently have 10,180 students on campus. This is 85 times the number of students we had when we had begun in 1959 and about five times the student population in 1990. You could help our Infrastructure catch up with the student strength.

IITM has big plans

As India’s #1 Ranked University, overall as well as across various parameters like engineering and innovation for several consecutive years till date, IITM has its sights set high, like a world-class med-tech school, and pioneering brain research. And your gift can make this happen. There are several needs that are not covered under Government funding such as infrastructure, research, equipment costs. You could also help us raise a 1000 CR endowment to establish IITM as a renowned research institution acclaimed globally.

Bring Global Talent to IITM’s doorsteps

Government funding covers a percentage of the Institute’s annual operating costs, helping to meet various needs.As an alum, you could help meet our aspirations through various means, one of them being Chaired Professorships, bringing in global expertise to equip some of India’s brightest, young minds.

Invest to educate extremely poor and bright youth of India

One out of every 4 students under IITM’s disruptive BS (Online Degree Program in Data Science and Applications) program comes from an underprivileged background. Your gift can help make their dream IITM Education come true!

Impact tomorrow, today

Be the catalyst to enable path-breaking Research Initiatives across various pressing issues of our times, like energy, water, health, cancer, disability, education, environment, among others. Help develop and scale our affordable life-saving technology to all.


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