Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund


About The Cause

IIT Madras has entered into the 60th year and growing strong in research and academics. This year it’s being celebrated as Diamond Jubilee year and year long programs are planned in the campus to commemorate 60 years.

Alumni have been great supporters in the growth of the institute,  and we take  this  opportunity  to thank entire alumni community for enabling the growth of institute over the years.

To meet its aspirational goals, IITM seeks financial support from the alumni community and  others.   To commemorate 60 years an endowment called IITM Diamond  Jubilee endowment  fund  is  being launched.  Returns arising out of endowment will be utilised to pursue higher goals.

We seek the support of Alumni in contributing generously to “Diamond Jubilee endowment fund”

How the money will be used

The Endowment will support IITM aspirations and help to realize the Strategic Vision.

Diamond Jubilee Endowment Fund

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