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India is a very young country. Around half of its population is under the age of 25. Two-thirds are less than 35. As a recent Bloomberg News analysis discovered, India is likely to have the world’s largest workforce by 2027, with a billion people aged between 15 and 64. The humongous youth capital is what we depend on, to drive our country forward. And at this point of time when the world is poised with a lot of uncertainty, the dependency grows even more so.

IITM wants to play its part in propelling India forward, with its Online BSc Degree Program in Programming and Data Sciences. With the fast paced technological advancements, it is not only important to be educated but also to stay updated. The increased demand in Data Sciences provides a very great opportunity and the program aids the same. The program is open to all age groups, thereby giving an opportunity for anyone from anywhere to adapt to the latest technologies in Data Science and earn a degree from IIT Madras.

Recent statistics show around 30 Cr of our youth are active internet users and this reveals us a key insight that they are ready for a technological shift on e-learning. IITM wants to make an impact on upskilling the youth of the nation and seek the support of our alumni in reshaping the future of talented students. We seek your support for talented students in the form of scholarships for the Online BSc Degree Program in Programming and Data Sciences.

The program has three levels

Foundational Level
Diploma level
Degree level

The detailed program structure is as here

Students who complete the Diploma level can exit with a Diploma in programming or/and Diploma in Data Science from IIT Madras. Students who successfully complete all three levels will be awarded ‘BSc Degree in Programming & Data Science from IIT Madras’.

Need for Alumni Support:

First-generation learners and students with family income less than INR 5 lakh per annum will need financial support to pay the tuition fees for the online degree program.

Financial support can definitely motivate many students who are from lower family income backgrounds to take up this course seriously without worrying about the financial burden.

* All contributions to IIT Madras are 100% tax exempted.

IIT Madras plans to support 600 needy students. The total course fee per student is Rs.2.42 lakh / USD 3500.

Cost Structure of the course:

  • Foundational Level courses (8) will cost ₹4,000 per course.
  • Skill Enhancement courses (4) in Diploma / Degree Level will cost ₹5,000 per course
  • All other courses in Diploma / Degree Level (19) will cost ₹10,000 per course
  • Total course fee is Rs.2.42 lakh / USD 3500 per student to complete the 31 courses in BSc degree from IIT Madras

Funding Mechanism:

  • Financial support will be provided term wise. The complete course fee will be given as a scholarship for a student who is eligible and qualified for the scholarship.
  • Based on the performance of the student in the previous term, financial support will be given in the manner of course fee credits for the courses in the upcoming term.
  • Students can apply for various scholarships based on their need and their eligibility.
  • Since this is an Online Degree Program, the eligible students for the scholarship will change every term based on their performance. This scholarship will also be one of the motivating factors for a student to continue and complete the degree.
  • All the scholarships will be disbursed on a term basis to the eligible students on the merit-cum-means criteria.

Proposed Budget:

  • For those students qualifying for the funding support, the estimated course fee cost to support 600 students in every term is INR 14.52 Crore. This proposed course fee scholarship budget will be used across a period of 3 years. Scholarships will be given in every term. There are three terms in a year.
  • Total budget required is 14,52,00,000 (14.52 Crore) for 600 students.
  • The course fee per student is Rs.2.42 lakh / USD 3500.
  • Alumni can fund the scholarship on a yearly basis for a period of 3 years.

Eligibility Criteria for the scholarship:

Student with Family annual Income Less than Rs. 5,00,000.
Student should have scored more than 60% in the qualifier exam.
First Generation learners will be given preference.
Average score of the 4 courses in Term 1 should be at least 60%.

IIT Madras online BSc Degree program in Programming and Data Science

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