Augmented Reality at Heritage Centre


To fund:

• The AR-enabling of 20 exhibits at the Heritage Centre - Visitors can experience the exhibits’ stories through AR through a mobile device, apart from seeing the display items and reading related information.
• Currently, the Heritage Centre has several physical exhibits and digitised displays. Often, guided tours are provided at the Centre to explain the history of these exhibits. Many visitors prefer experiencing the Heritage Centre independently - AR will make this possible.

What IITM gets out of it:

• It will boost the visitor experience and encourage all to interact with the history of IIT Madras.
• It also presents well to visitors who will see students engrossed in the past, present and future of IIT Madras.

What the donor can receive in return:

• The donor’s name can be part of the description plaque of the AR-enabled exhibits.

Augmented Reality at Heritage Centre

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