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We are the Team Envisage, one of the 13 CFI Clubs of the Institute and one of the verticals on Shaastra. We basically work on the projects that establish a connection between technology and entertainment which are both the necessary pillars for today's youth and present them in both the CFI Avenues and Shaastra. Team Envisage goes along the tag line "where technology meets entertainment". The entire team is divided into three verticals: Shows, Tech Ambience and Game Development. In the past, the team has worked on projects like 3D waterfall, Projection Mapping, Speed painting, radiant troupe, persistence of vision, etc. We are the only team in the institute which works under both Shaastra and CFI. 

As a part of CFI, Envisage has been quite a recent CFI Club (not as old as many other clubs), we search for new avenues every year and every term to present our projects to the outside world. In this process, we have come across a few avenues where we can participate and get more exposure to our projects and the team members.
TechSpo Singapore is one of them that we found to be reasonable, interesting and feasible, it is a two-day technology expo being conducted on September 15th and September 16th of 2022. We are planning to take 5 members for this expedition. This avenue helps us in testing and networking our projects. TECHSPO Singapore brings together developers, brands, marketers, technology providers, designers, innovators and evangelists looking to set the pace in our advanced world of technology. Envisage has worked on many mind-blowing projects till now with many more coming this year and in our future endeavours. We need to get the proper exposure to the demands of the outside world and showcase our talent and our hidden treasures to the outside world. There is a possibility that a particular project may undergo a levelling-up process and turn out to be a new product in the market. We do not want to miss the chance to be heard in the world.

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Team Envisage

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