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“Racing for a sustainable tomorrow - Team AgniRath : Sole Indian Qualifiers for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023. Your generous support matters!”

Team Introduction

We are Team Agnirath, a team of young brains,working at the Centre for Innovation (CFI), IIT Madras with a vision to contribute to the sustainable future and the will to push the engineering limits, attempting to make solar EV hybrids a reality. We are the only Indian team to qualify for the World Solar Challenge 2023 competing with teams from top universities across the globe. We have built a completely solar run prototype which is a PoC for the validation of our electrical simulations in a span of only 2 months from scratch.

World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is a prestigious international event that brings together teams from around the world to design, build, and race solar-powered vehicles across the Australian outback with a legacy of 35+years . It is a strategic 3000 km race through the Australian outback to be completed in 5 days from Darwin to Adelaide only powered by the sun! This challenge not only serves as a platform to showcase cutting-edge technologies but also promotes sustainable transportation solutions for a better future.

What makes our team unique?

We are proudly pioneering the use of a monocoque chassis, a cutting-edge structural design that has never been attempted by any team in India before.

We will be using axial flux motors, the most efficient motors present in the market with an efficiency of 98% and state of the art battery technologies taking performance to an entirely new level which will be a leap in battery innovation. These advanced batteries outshine the ordinary ones used in cars by approximately 35% in terms of efficiency and power.

Our solar car is designed to have a low drag value coefficient of 0.11, which is three times lower than that of an average car focusing on aerodynamic stability of our car.

Our solar car will be equipped with top-of-the-line mono-crystalline solar panels, which are 50% more efficient than commercial ones, allowing us to capture and utilize the sun's energy in the most effective way possible. We're taking it a step further by producing our own solar panels in-house.

We are privileged to be among the few teams granted the opportunity to conduct wind tunnel testing of our car's aerodynamics for our car at the prestigious National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL).

How can you support us?

“Our participation in the World Solar Challenge is not only a tremendous learning opportunity for our team members but also a chance to represent our institution and country on a global stage. As we enter the final stages of manufacturing our solar car, we are just days away from completion. However, the challenge lies in the funding required for shipping the car and supporting the travel expenses. Your funds will play a crucial role in:

a. Covering the shipping charges for the car to Australia.

b. Facilitating travel bookings for 20 team members to participate in the competition.

By supporting us, you contribute to the advancement of sustainable transportation and renewable energy technologies. You can contact us for more details.

Aditya- 9884913874
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Team Agnirath 2023

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