Representing IITM


The IITM Ambassadors to the World:

It is a dream come true for IITM students to Represent IITM at Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Research meets etc. across the globe.

This is a “Life Changing Experience”.

Students put in months of hard work to compete on the National and International level, bringing laurels to their departments that in turn reflect on the overall growth of the Institution.

Representing IITM at Conferences and Seminars – The grant covers the costs associated with travelling, transportation, registration fees, accommodation etc.

Representing IITM at Research paper presentations/Internships & conferences boosts the morale of the students thereby illuminating great minds across the globe.

These venues form a good networking platform and help in building new collaborations too. And this makes a huge difference in them choosing their careers. It is an immeasurable learning experience.

Attending these conferences and Seminars helps project the inherent talent and expertise of the institute. This also gives the platform to present innovative thoughts , approaches and helps them to get uplifted through better placements.

The financial support given to these students helps them in a holistic transformation.On an annual basis, we now support more than 500+ students.

How the money will be used

To cover the partial expenses of the students going abroad for different educational purposes.

Representing IITM

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