Device Engineering Labs in Rural Government Schools


An initiative from ‘Teach to Learn’, IIT Madras ( )

With the goal of developing the culture of ‘building from scratch’ and helping students think out of the box (beyond the text book), Device Engineering Labs (DEL) in rural government schools are being set up with the TWO major objectives of:

A. Developing culture of ‘Making Things’ at school level (Applying 3D-Printing).

B. Inculcating habit of ‘Out-of-Box Thinking’ (Applying ‘Hands-on-Learning’ of devices).

The ‘Device Engineering Labs’ (DEL) will host devices which are i) daily used ii) inexpensive and iii) school syllabus compliant). Examples include Electric Iron, Hair Dryer, Electric Calling Bell, weighing machine, stethoscope, 3D Printer, etc. This is a 3-year curriculum which starts with the students of Class VIII. The STEM based DEL curriculum will provide complete training to the school students on 3D-printing and hands-on-learning of the devices.

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Only through your generous support we can touch upon many more lives and can sustain our effort.
Following are the ways you can support:

Option-1: Help running our existing DEL  (5 Lakhs)

i)    Running cost that includes one trainer for a year and some contingency.

Option-2: Set up a DEL at the school of your choice and Run (9 Lakhs)

i)    One time Setting up cost (Devices, lab furniture, lab readiness, projector, 3D-Printer) – 4.0 Lakhs
ii)    Running cost about 5 Lakh for one year (two schools can be run if they are close-by)

Option-3: Any amount

i)    For consumables, contingencies, model building expenses

Device Engineering Labs in Rural Government Schools

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