RoboBoat Competition 2023



We aim to participate in a student international competition RoboBoat, with the vision of forming a culture within the Department of Ocean Engeneering (DOE) IITM students of competing in similar global Competitions. To sustain this endeavour we will be incorporating this team Aritra, under the wing of OCEANA, which is the student organization of DOE IITM. The team will be mentored by the department faculty and will be coordinated by OCEANA.

What is RoboBoat?

RoboBoat is an international student competition organised by RoboNation every year. Teams from around the globe design autonomous, robotic boats (or ASVs) to navigate through a challenge course. Teams are expected to build a boat from scratch and demonstrate its maritime maneuverability while at the same time mimic the real world challenges faced by the maritime industry. Some of these challenges include coastal surveillance, port security and other types of oceanographic operations.

Why participate?

Participating in a competition like RoboBoat will be a start of an endeavor byour department in the field of marine autonomy. Apart from being an all-out international competition on the water, RoboBoat is a systems engineering challenge where skills from different engineering disciplines are tested. Competitions like these require skills ranging over disciplines such as core Naval Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering and Engineering Management. In the pursuit of building impressive self-sailing vessels, students will share knowledge, innovate, and collaboratively advance in the technology of autonomous surface vessel (ASV) systems.

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After a thorough analysis based on our experiences with the MATSYA ASV(the one that we have been working on), and the previous year technical design reports of other teams, we estimate that an ASV platform that can compete and win a global competition like RoboBoat will require a budget of around Rs.37.10 lakh. The Figure 5 below details down the breakup of the amount that we reached in our analysis. Figure 6 and Figure 7 detail the module wise and quarter wise costs that are required to build the proposed project, respectively. Our team will participatein such international competitions every year. As the competition format and problem statements keep changing every year, the proposed budget of Rs.37.10 lakh will be needed every year.

RoboBoat Competition 2023

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