Modern Seminar Hall in Department of Computer Science


Owing to the high growth and recent expansions, the CSE department felt the acute need for newer space. The department has recently moved to a new building (made possible with a generous donation from Mr. Subramonian Shankar). In the new building, we are aiming to set up a modern seminar hall to cater to the needs of the department for next several years. We have already identified a space for the seminar hall that can accommodate around 80 participants. We plan to reuse the furniture of the existing seminar hall to a large extent and raise funds for equipping the remaining part of the seminar hall.

A modern seminar hall is a very important requirement in an academic department. We want a seminar room that can cater to both physical, as well as virtual (online) attendees. The room must have an audio-visual setup that can make the presentations and interactions seamless and clutter-free. The seminar hall should have proper acoustics (even and precise sound distribution) and be soundproof (to not disturb the neighboring labs). Having a projection screen with multi-touch features would be a great futuristic option. The room should be wire/clutter-free: for connecting to the projectors, mics, for high speed internet, for video conferencing, and so on. We hope we can secure our generous alumni's support to set up this seminar hall.

Modern Seminar Hall in Department of Computer Science

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