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Avishkar Hyperloop is an internationally acclaimed, highly passionate student team from IIT Madras focused on revolutionizing transportation with sustainable Hyperloop technologies - supported by the Indian Railways! We are a team of 50+ enthusiastic and energetic students who work tirelessly to realise the dream of hyperloop.The team works out of the Centre for Innovation, IITM, where they research, design, test, and build the Hyperloop prototypes.


In 2019, with the enthusiastic support of the IITM alumni, the team finished in the global top-10 out of the 1600+ teams at the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition while being the only Asian finalists.

Our participation in the European Hyperloop Week 2023 held in Edinburgh, Scotland  was a significant milestone in our journey. We secured Global Top-3 position for the category of Full Scale Socio-Economic Aspects of Hyperloop, showcasing our extensive research on the ticket pricing model of a typical Chennai-Bangalore Hyperloop corridor, Global Top-5 in the Guidance category, providing compelling evidence for the viability of their on-pod Levitation systems. Our exceptional in-house designs of the Control systems helped us bag Global Top-6 position in the Sense & Control Systems.

We have also received praises and acclamations from various corners of industry-academia-government.Our team had the privilege of discussing our Hyperloop technology with Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the Vande Bharat inauguration in Chennai. He was genuinely excited and impressed by our advancements and our vision for the future. Recently, the Honourable Finance Minister of India, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman appreciated and encouraged us for our successful development of the futuristic prototype of Hyperloop on X.

Our Goals
The team is currently engaged in the building of a 400m long tube at the Discovery Campus of IIT Madras, Thaiyur in collaboration with the Indian Railways, L&T Construction and ArcelorMittal. This new facility is the result of Avishkar's persistent research efforts on Hyperloop. We have specially focused on fine-tuning the tube's thickness to make it more cost-effective. Once it's up and running this year, it will be the largest student-led Hyperloop testing center in the world, positioning India at the forefront of Hyperloop research globally. This superstructure of Rs 8 Cr/- is expected to be commissioned by early 2024.

This year, we plan to venture into various domains to improve our system, some of which include manufacturing a new motor, studying the feasibility of concrete tubes and designing advanced technologies to achieve perfect levitation on the pod. To achieve all the mentioned audacious goals, going alone is not the way. In this regard, we require your support and we believe something positive comes out of this assertion.

How you can help us

We are deeply committed to advancing the hyperloop technology stack through rigorous research, innovative implementations, and extensive testing of our systems. Throughout our journey, the faith of our alumni, IIT ecosystem & industry has fuelled our passion and drive.

In our endeavor to break new frontiers, we have outlined an estimated budget of INR 2 Cr/- for the upcoming year. Your support is not just an investment; it's a pivotal catalyst that empowers us to achieve the significant impact we aspire to make.

Funds raised here will be utilized for:

  • * Components procurements for various subsystems.
  • * Fabrication and functional testing of the test track and pod.
  • * Presenting prototype at Global Competitions.

You can also refer to our brochure here.

The  below documentary links to know more about our journey over the years.

To know more about us, please visit our website.

Team Avishkar Hyperloop 2024

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