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With safety, reliability and manufacturability as the tentpoles of systems development, Avishkar Hyperloop, a passionate team of 50+ students from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is dedicated to revolutionizing transportation through innovative Hyperloop technologies. Avishkar Hyperloop has filed 6 patents, of which 2 have been granted so far and we have published 2 research papers, showcasing our technical expertise and innovative spirit. They are the only non-European team to demonstrate its own custom track at prestigious international competitions, like the European Hyperloop Week.


Starting as a student project, we quickly proved our mettle by becoming the only Asian team to reach the finals of the prestigious SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2019.

In the European Hyperloop Week 2021, we won the 'Most Scalable Pod Design' award from Zeleros Hyperloop and secured global top-5 positions in several categories.

Even during the pandemic, we continued our relentless efforts to develop our Avishkar 5.0 Pod, which earned them top-5 finishes in the Electrical Subsystem, Traction Subsystem, and Complete Pod categories at the European Hyperloop Week 2022.

Most recently, at the European Hyperloop Week 2023 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Avishkar Hyperloop achieved top-3 in the Socio-Economic Aspects, top-5 in the Guidance Category and top-6 positions in the Sense and Control categories.

Avishkar Hyperloop, in collaboration with industry experts like Indian Railways, L&T Construction, and ArcelorMittal, is building a 422m long, cost-effective Hyperloop testing tube at IIT Madras' Discovery Campus, which will be the largest student-led facility of its kind in the world when commissioned in End of 2024.

Our Goals

Our team is working tirelessly to develop cutting-edge pod technologies to propel the Hyperloop concept forward. The team has developed a unique "booster cruiser" topology, a novel Hyperloop design approach with immense potential. We are building a Hybrid Electromagnetic Suspension (HEMS), advanced power electronics and embedded systems into our designs. These novel technologies will enhance the efficiency and reliability of our Hyperloop pods, bringing us one step closer to a sustainable and viable transportation solution.

We are working on two additional patents and publishing a research paper on the critical safety considerations for a full-scale Hyperloop corridor. This research will contribute to the broader understanding of Hyperloop safety and help pave the way for the widespread adoption of this transformative technology.

How can you help us?

Avishkar Hyperloop is deeply committed to advancing the Hyperloop technology stack through rigorous research, innovative implementations, and extensive testing of our systems. Throughout our journey, the unwavering support and faith of their alumni, the IIT ecosystem, and industry partners have fueled our passion and drive to push the boundaries of Hyperloop technology. In our relentless pursuit to break new frontiers, Avishkar Hyperloop has outlined an estimated budget of INR 40 Lakhs for the Competition. Our appeal for support is not merely an investment request but a call to be a pivotal catalyst that empowers us to achieve the significant impact we aspire to make through our groundbreaking work.

We plan to showcase our latest advancements, including the demonstration of our Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM) technology, Hybrid Electromagnetic Suspension (HEMS) levitation, and Thermal systems at the prestigious European Hyperloop Week. A team of 30-35 students will travel to present our cutting-edge work and compete for awards, further solidifying our position as global leaders in Hyperloop development.

The Funds will be used for the expenses related to travel, procurement, shipping, and logistics for the European Hyperloop Week 2024.

To learn more about us, please visit our website. Kindly take a look at our brochure here.

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Team Avishkar Hyperloop 2024

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