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We have been using the Barco DP2K projector with Prime lens and Qube server for screening movies in Film Club. We are facing frequent problems with these projection setup due to ageing factors. The present setup model has become obsolete and we are facing difficulties in getting the spares for these model. Presently we are in desperate need for a new Projector setup.

After the Pandemic and due to a long gap, faults and issues have escalated further more with the projection system during movie screening. The institute has helped us with funding for the service and replacing the frailty components. Presently, we are proceeding with the same condition and unaware of the projector functionality during movie screening in Film Club.

Film Club Advisory committee decided to raise request for sponsorship funds. We have received budgetary quotation for 4K projectors. The Projector details and cost are given below.
* 4K Projector (Christie CP4425-4K DCI RBG Laser Digital Cinema Play out system with server) Total Cost: Rs.99, 93,000.00.

Out of the above, we are using the 2K Projector module with limited optical features. 4K Projector module provides a variety of newly added optical features for better video and audio quality which can be operated with multimode connections and latest technology.

OAT Projector

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