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Over the years, a large number of alumni, both individually or collectively along with their batch-mates, have donated most handsomely to help us meet many of our development objectives. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our alumni for their unflagging support - both financially and otherwise.

Here are just a few of our donors

Kris Gopalakrishnan

Shri S. Gopalakrishnan

Chairman Axilor Ventures
Co-founder Infosys
1977/M.Sc/PHY & 1979/MT/CS

Shri S Gopalakrishnan represents a generation of engineer-scientists who have made India a global player in software industry.

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Mr. Sunil Wadhwani

Shri Sunil Wadhwani

Chief Executive Officer
Mastech Corporation

Shri Sunil Wadhwani, CEO and Co-founder of iGATE Capital Corporation, obtained the B.Tech. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 1974…

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Mr. Raju Venkatraman

Shri Raju Venkatraman

CEO & Managing Director
MEDall Medical Services

Shri Raju Venkatraman, popularly known as Raju, obtained his B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering in 1981 from IIT Madras and completed an executive MBA…

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Mr. Krishna 'Kittu' Kolluri

Shri Krishna 'Kittu' Kolluri

Executive Vice President
Juniper Networks

Shri Krishna “Kittu” Kolluri is a General Partner focusing on information technology investments at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), USA…

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Mr. Girish Venkat Reddy

Shri Girish Venkat Reddy

Founder and Managing Partner,
Prisma Capital Partners LP

Shri Girish Reddy is a founder and Managing Partner of Prisma Capital Partners, a US$ 4 billion asset management company providing fund…

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Dr. Gururaj Deshpande

Dr. Gururaj Deshpande

Founder and Chairman,
Sycamore Networks

Dr Deshpande graduated from IIT-Madras in 1973 with a B Tech in Electrical Engineering ; he obtained his Master’s degree from the University…

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