COVID-19 IIT Madras Employee Distress Fund


About the cause

We hope you are safe and healthy in your place of residence. Unprecedented times like these always have a common story to tell. The interdependence of people on one​​ another​ ​​and we seek you to join hands with us to help the employees of IITM.

For a huge system like IIT Madras to function smoothly, its employees and staff are very crucial. It is the collective effort of over 1500 employees that keep the system running. IITM recognizes the importance of each and every person and has done everything in its ability to support them in these testing times.​ At a time when the institute is on its way back to normalcy, it is important that all our employees feel safe and secure.​​

Though the majority of our employees are covered under basic medical insurance policies, there are employees who cannot afford unexpected medical emergencies during these times. In addition, several contract employees may not be covered for COVID-19 related medical expenses. To address this need, it is proposed to raise a COVID-19 Employee Distress Fund of Rs. 1 Crore to help deserving employees in need. The assistance will be provided on a case by case basis after reviewing employee needs and situations.

​We are proud of our alumni who have been an integral part of IITM's journey in helping the needy​. ​For those who are looking to extend a helping hand, the opportunity is right here.

All donations will be eligible for 100% tax exemption* both in the US and in India.

COVID-19 IIT Madras Employee Distress Fund

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