Scholarship for Deserving Students in IITM


Studying in IIT Madras is a dream for many students. Among the meritorious students, a few need financial support to pursue their education at IIT Madras. The only criteria to achieve their goal is merit and nothing else.

The Govt. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship has been revised to 2/3rd of Rs. 2 lakhs (i.e. 1.33 Lakhs). This leaves a sum of Rs. 66,667/- to be borne by the student. This is been covered by the various alumnus, corporates, and well-wishers by office of Alumni and Corporate Relations office at IIT Madras.

Our alumni have been generously contributing to this cause. Around 750+ students benefitted in the last 5 years.

With a new academic year approaching, there are students who look forward to your help. We request our alumni to support the deserving students with the required financial assistance and let them focus on their education.

Eligibility Criteria for scholarship

    Parental income should be less than 8 Lakhs per annum
    B.Tech/ Dual Degree
    Up to four (4) years of tuition assistance will be covered.

Students with annual parental income: - Rs.1 lakh – Rs. 5 lakhs.
Rs.66, 667 per student/year to cover the full tuition fee (Rs.1.33 lakhs is being provided by the government).
Students with annual parental income: - Rs. 5 lakhs – Rs. 8 lakhs.
Rs. 2,00,000 per student/year towards the tuition fee.

Scholarship for Deserving Students

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This appeal is fully funded. Our thanks to all the donors

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