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Shaastra, is a world class Science and Technology magazine published by IIT Madras. It is fast evolving into the Tech Voice of India. Shaastra is an ideal intellectual companion to a broad spectrum of professionals and students.

Shaastra magazine, which has the distinction of coming from the stables of IIT Madras, has regular contributions from Top scientific brains. It showcases the latest in Science, Technology and Innovation, from an Indian perspective.

This magazine is a must for any student of science and for any tech enthusiast. It is a valuable addition to any school/college library. It is also a cool magazine to have in one’s office reception. Shaastra Subscription is an ideal gift to a corporate client.

This festive season, gift a 5-year Subscription of Shaastra to your School or Friends or your Clients or Children for as little as ₹4999! You would be fondly remembered for 5 Years!

Click here to read the full collectors' issue for free. Happy reading!!

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Gift a Shaastra Subscription

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