A Coffee Machine in the Reading Room at Heritage Centre


To fund:

• A coffee machine will be part of the reading area: this will summon the ambience devoted book readers experience daily. A warm cup of coffee with a book that one likes = a morning, an afternoon or an evening well spent.
• Visitors will be interested in sitting down, having a cup of coffee, and looking out through the glass panes to the lawn outside if they may not choose to read.

What IITM gets out of it:

• A better image of even one corner of the Heritage Centre shows students and people visiting the Centre that at IITM, things only keep improving. It will encourage the student body to interact with the history of their institute and also present well to visitors who will see students engrossed in the past, present and future of IIT Madras.
• The coffee machine could bring in a flow of evening visitors.

What the donor can receive in return:

• The donor’s name can be imprinted on the coffee machine.

A Coffee Machine in the Reading Room at Heritage Centre

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