This is a proposal for creation of Student Wellness Center (SWC) for the improvement in mental wellness in the IITM community especially among students.

After years of analyzing the wellness data of IITM students, it is now clear that measures with regard to focusing on three main aspects seem necessary.  They are,

    1. Introducing awareness measures to destigmatize, sensitize and spread the need for mental wellness

    The following are a sample list of measures that will be additionally undertaken: Organizing of town hall meetings, positive message posters, drives, t-shirts, relevant video/movie screening, messaging/texting links on stories/documentaries, competitions, debates, availability of literature on mental wellness, classroom flash mobs, information dissemination on counseling access, etc. Conducting Life skills training sessions that deal with strategies for coping, habit formation, decision making, etc.Offering curricular courses on Life skills at various stages of development of the individual while in the campus.  These skills could span, creative, communication, cultural understanding, design thinking in all aspects of life, happiness, habits, modelling success and failure in one’s mind, thinking skills, social skills, leadership skills, etc.

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    How the money will be used

    To create Student Wellness Center (SWC) and sustenance of the center.

    Student WELLNESS @ IITM

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