Team Abhiyaan is an enthusiastic crew of 30 multi-disciplinary students passionate about building futuristic driverless vehicles. Entirely run and managed by students, our team is a forerunner in the development of autonomous navigation systems for India, working at the Centre for Innovation (CFI), IIT Madras.
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Abhiyaan participates in the annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) held at Oakland University, Michigan, with a small rugged autonomous outdoor vehicle for the Level 1 Challenge. In line with the competition rules, our bot is designed to autonomously navigate from a source to a destination location in a complex driving circuit by maneuvering through intermittent obstacles whilst conforming to lane discipline requirements.

In 2019, our autonomous robot placed 2nd globally amongst 45 other teams from various universities across the globe in Level 1 of Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition

We were also among the five Asian teams to compete in the hackathon simulation rounds of the Indy Autonomous Challenge, a first-of-its-kind, high-speed autonomous race in 2020-21. Competing head-to-head with teams from MIT, TUM, ETU, and KAIST in online simulation races enabled us to upgrade our skills and exposed us to new ideas.


Leveraging the insight we obtained on autonomous navigation from participating in renowned international competitions, we initiated the development of an autonomous vehicle meant for urban controlled environments - Where complex situations for decision making arise. It employs stereovision and radars to perceive the environment, integrating computer vision algorithms to detect lanes, traffic signals and signs!

We unveiled our proof of concept in March 2022, demonstrating a short autonomous demo run with our honorable Director of IIT Madras, Prof. V Kamakoti Sir as our passenger.

This autonomous vehicle will be presented in the Level 2 Challenge of the IGVC 2023 and will be representing IIT Madras.


Abhiyaan aims to build the First University-Based fleet of Autonomous Shuttles in India to be deployed across our institute, by the end of 2024. Flagging the start of this visionary step forward, Abhiyaan will be showcasing a grand 3 km autonomous run in the February of 2023 at IIT Madras. Further plans include broadening our sphere of influence to other campuses and controlled environments like resorts and airports.


Team Abhiyaan took a big leap of faith to participate in the Level 2 category of the IGVC 2023, which entails building an entire autonomous electric vehicle.

With all our hard work, endless testing and sleepless nights on the line, we need your help on the last stretch, for our logistics -
1.Transport costs for the 2 way trip of our vehicle from Madras to the U.S.
2. Travel expenses for a delegation of 15 students who would travel to Michigan for the IGVC.

And to acquire better components to enhance our vehicle’s performance - Purchase of cutting edge sensors like LIDARs, IMUs, Cameras and GPS.
3. Lithium-ion Batteries and Computational devices.
4. Fabrication of the chassis, Printing of PCBs.

In this regard, we estimate an outlay of Rs. 40 Lakhs.

Your support would not only ensure the continual representation of an Indian contingent at a very prestigious, international platform but also enable the seamless work of IIT Madras on autonomous navigation systems. We ask for your modest help to contribute amply, to give us the push we need to take IIT Madras to the top of the podium.

Team Abhiyaan

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