1993 Batch Pearl Reunion - BrIIghT Future


IIT Madras aims to become the first IIT to eliminate "tuition fee" as a barrier to continued academic journey by offering scholarships set up in perpetuity.

This year marks an exciting milestone as we celebrate the 30th reunion of the Class of 1993 at IIT Madras. We are thrilled to welcome our esteemed alumni back to campus for this special occasion. The Class of 1993 has consistently demonstrated their unwavering support for IIT Madras, having generously contributed to the institution's growth and development. Their previous support for the Student Wellness Program has made a significant impact and this year the class has decided to support Project Bright Future, an endowed scholarship for deserving students.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your past contributions, which have greatly benefited our campus community. We are eager to continue our journey towards making IIT Madras a globally renowned institution.


1993 Batch Pearl Reunion

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