Scholarship for International Students to study at IIT Madras


About the Programme:

Many international students apply to IIT Madras primarily through scholarship programmes like the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) and Study in India (SII). Of these, the brightest candidates clear our stringent selection processes and are given an offer letter (approximately 10% of the applicants). However, we find that only 20% of this are pool are awarded a scholarship and join. The rest are unable to pursue a degree at IIT Madras without a scholarship given their financial circumstances. IIT Madras is desirous of welcoming such deserving candidates to the MTech and Ph.D. full-time programmes. As an Institute of Eminence, our aim is to secure top global rankings and one of the key parameters for international rankings is the presence of foreign students on campus. Further, the soft power of India enhances when the international students from degrees from IIT Madras distinguish themselves further in their careers. Recently, IIT Madras has launched nine MTech programs for international students in areas that are topical and in the cutting-edge of science and technology. Some examples of these programs are cyber physical systems, data sciences, quantum computing, and so on. We are appealing to the generosity of our alumni to help us realize funds towards a scholarship for foreign MTech students which will cover their living allowances and tuition fees. The living allowance will be at par with the Half Time Teaching Assistantship (HTTA) or Half Time Research Assistantship (HTRA) for domestic students. This would come to around INR 10 lakhs per student for 2 years, which will include some support for finding accommodation outside of the campus. We propose to admit about fifty students through this program, roughly around 5 students per program.

The scholarship will be offered under the following conditions:

    • Students have been selected by departments
    • Students have not been awarded other scholarships

Benefits of the Proposed Scholarship:
    • Exchange of different perspectives and ideas
    • Pipeline for MTech students to convert to Ph.D. at IIT Madras
    • Since many applicants are from developing countries their education would be of huge benefit to society.
    • Students would go on to become global brand ambassadors and have a positive impact on bilateral relations.
    • Improved perception of our institute globally through an increase in our international rankings

The total funding requested is about INR 4.5 Crores (9 lakhs for 50 students)

 Looking forward to your contribution and support.

Scholarship for International Students to study at IIT Madras

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