Nihilanth 2020 Annual Inter-IIT-IIM Quiz Championship


Greetings from the Quiz Club of IIT Madras.

We are one of the foremost college-level quizzing bodies in the country and we have decided to take on the mantle of hosting the most prestigious inter-college quizzing festival in the country: Nihilanth 2020. Nihilanth is an annual inter-IIT-IIM quiz championship that has the country’s top-tier colleges vying for the ultimate quizzing trophy. It is undeniably the most distinguished event of its kind given that it has the best quizzers from the country’s best institutes pitting their wits against each other. We request your assistance in hosting an event of this magnitude that is widely anticipated by all IITs and IIMs.

Nihilanth was started in 2003 and has been conducted annually ever since. But, this time around, all the other institutes were reluctant to host Nihilanth. Therefore, in order to keep the 18-year long tradition going without a break, IIT Madras has decided to host Nihilanth for the very first time. After all, IIT Madras has a robust quizzing culture as borne out by an unbeaten 4-year run at the Nihilanth (2014-17). The time crunch notwithstanding, we hope to host a Championship that surpasses all previous editions and in this endeavor, we need your help.

Given the circumstances and the budgetary constraints from the Institute’s side, we need to raise around Rs. 3,50,000 in funds. Any contribution from your side will go a long way in helping us out. It is not just the Quiz Club, but the entire institute that stands to benefit from this event if we manage to pull it off in record time. Thus, we appeal to your generous spirit to help your institute at its time of need.

Nihilanth 2020 Annual Inter-IIT-IIM Quiz Championship

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This appeal is fully funded. Our thanks to all the donors

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