Global Hyperloop Competition


Asia’s First International Hyperloop Competition, at the IITM Discovery Campus.

GHC, or the Global Hyperloop Competition, is a student initiative of IIT Madras that aims to host Asia’s first international Hyperloop competition, here at the IITM Discovery Campus.

IIT Madras has made remarkable progress in the field of Hyperloop technologies, often dubbed the “Fifth mode of transportation”, for its potential to revolutionize the global transportation industry.


IIT Madras has made significant strides in the Hyperloop arena. Team Avishkar Hyperloop, incubated at IITM, achieved global recognition, ranking in the Top 10 at the 2019 SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition and securing Global Top 5 and Top 3 positions at the European Hyperloop Week in 2022 and 2023, respectively. Moreover, IITM facilitated the establishment of TuTr, a prominent Hyperloop technology startup.

Through a collaboration with Indian Railways, IIT Madras constructed the world's longest student-run Hyperloop test infrastructure—a pioneering 422m vacuum-compatible track and tube system, earning multiple patents.

Events so far : Parivahan 2024

In April 2024, GHC, in collaboration with IITM Pravarthak, organized Parivahan, a 3-day international Hyperloop conference, marking one of the largest student-run technical conferences in the field to date.
The summit featured prominent industry leaders and researchers from around the world including Germany, Netherlands, China, Saudi Arabia, and Switzerland.

The link to the livestream of the event can be found here

The link to a report of the same can be found here Parivahan Report.

Our goals : GHC 2025

GHC is set to host the inaugural Global Hyperloop Competition in February 2025, a week-long event conducted at IITM's Main and Discovery Campuses. International student teams will showcase their Hyperloop pod technologies, with esteemed national and international experts serving as jury members. Additionally, international research groups will demonstrate their full-scale pod and tube technology.

Through GHC, our objective is to foster greater collaboration within the global Hyperloop community, and promote awareness and interest in Hyperloop among Indian school and college students, enhancing our nation's contributions to this transformative mode of transportation.

How you can help!

GHC comprises over 30 students from diverse academic backgrounds, spanning undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs. With the guidance of our institute and faculty advisors, we are dedicated to orchestrating an unprecedented international event.

To realize our vision, we have outlined a budget of 1.5 Crores INR for the 2025 competition. A detailed breakdown of our budget is available here (Competition Budget Breakdown). We reach out to our esteemed alumni to support us in our ambitious endeavor to cultivate a collaborative global community and elevate India's position in technological advancement.

In appreciation of your generosity, we offer to commemorate our alumni donors by displaying your names at the 422m Hyperloop track at the IITM Discovery Campus. This track will be inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister in August 2024.

Thank you once again for your ardent support and patience! To know more about us, visit our website here and follow us on our socials here.

GHC Video:
(Official Trailer | Parivahan Global Hyperloop Competition | @GHCIITM).

Global Hyperloop Competition

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