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As alumni of the institute, some of our fondest memories are of the days we spent in the hostel. The hostel rooms we occupied became the first port of call during the visit of any alumnus to the campus, particularly the ones who visit the campus after long years.

So much so that the hostels are closest to our hearts...

Today, there are more than 10,000 students on campus, 3-4X the number in the 70s and 80s. This is placing enormous stress on the living environment in these hostels.

The hostels have been maintained over the years with IITM funding the repairs, upkeep, and maintenance. Many re-visiting alumni have given feedback that the look & feel of the hostels need to be of much higher order quality to fit in with Brand IITM, the # 1 ranked engineering institution in India!

This initiative seeks contributions from IITM Alumni to refurbish our hostels. As you would know, 12 of the hostels are old. While the structure remains strong, the fitments were made for a different era.

                                                           Payment options for Naming Rights



5L ($ 8000)

4L ($ 6500)

3L ($ 4800)





Your contributions would leave a lasting imprint with a display of your name on a “Donor Wall of Fame” to be erected in each wing of the hostel at the staircase landing area wall.

Here’s a win-win scenario for you--- world-class ambiance for the students, pride & joy for you in giving back to your alma mater...Keep It Flowing

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead & contribute.

Would You Like to Leave a Legacy in Your Hostel

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