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About the cause:

We are well into the last quarter of the financial year 2018-19 its time to calculate tax and look for beneficial opportunities which are tax exempt. Here is an excellent way, Contribute to IIT Madras with 100% tax exemption.

IIT Madras has entered into the 60th year and growing strong in research and academics. To meet its aspirational goals, IITM seeks financial support from the alumni community and others. To commemorate 60 years an endowment called “IITM Diamond Jubilee endowment fund" is being launched, Returns arising out of endowment will be utilised to pursue higher goals.

We seek the support of Alumni in contributing generously to "Diamond Jubilee endowment fund".

If you are interested to contribute to any other projects, please let us know, we will get back to you.

You can also view all the available funding opportunities here.

If you wish to gift shares to IITM, please contact Ms.Swetha Bhupathi for more information.

Give back to your Alma mater

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