Project BrIIghT Future



IIT-Madras to become the first IIT to eliminate “tuition fee” as a barrier to entry through scholarships set up in perpetuity.

About the cause:

IIT Madras has approximately 500 students from underprivileged backgrounds, of which we can only support 150 through existing endowments and Project BrIIghT Future aims to take the coverage to 100% of eligible students. The goal is to raise 7M USD (~INR 56 Crores) to increase our merit-cum-means endowment. The endowment will allow us to cover 100% of the tuition costs, for deserving students in perpetuity.

Project Bright Futures Phase II is set to launch in 2024, expanding its scope to cover not only tuition but also living expenses.


B. Tech. / Dual Degree program students.

Annual parental income between 1 and 5 lakhs.


Project BrIIghT Future

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