Prof. K.K. Balasubramanian-80 Chair in the Department of Chemistry


About the cause

Commemorating the successful 80th year of Prof. K. K. Balasubramanian (Sept. 5, 2019 – Sept. 4, 2020), we are emboldened to pursue our original thoughts to launch a CHAIR in his name in the department of chemistry.

The purpose of this Appeal for “Prof.KKB 80th Year” Chair is to encourage the Extended Pioneer Alumni, students, well wishers of Prof. KKB and IITM to contribute to establish the CHAIR. After discussions with Chemistry department and earlier students of Prof.KKB it was felt to have a Chair created in the name of Prof. KKB felicitating him for all his contributions to the student community of the Department of Chemistry.

The required amount to create a CHAIR is Rs. 1 Cr. by this March 2020 so that we can cumulatively use this amount for a chair as well as for conducting a one day international symposium scheduled during 26th and 27th Feb 2021 and add a sizeable amount to the existing endowment fund so that the future students of the department can get benefited. We appeal to all of you to join hands in this endeavour and contribute generously.

Prof. K.K. Balasubramanian-80 Chair in the Department of Chemistry

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