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  • Significant growth in the last decade in capital flow from alternative investment sources (venture capital, private equity, angel investments, etc.) across a broad range of sectors show positive impact in the companies where investment has been made
  • Strong support shown for setting up entrepreneurial ventures aimed towards public good
  • Need for academic centers in India that can guide policy making and influence practice to support the on-ground growth of such ventures

Raison d’être
  • Global hubs in entrepreneurship and venture capital boast of strong academic linkages
          - Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford University
          - Arthur Rock Centre for Entrepreneurship, Harvard Business School
          - Martin Trust Centre for MIT Entrepreneurship, MIT
  • The Coller Institute of Venture at Tel Aviv University in Israel & Asian Private Equity Institute at SMU are examples closer  home
  • Although many Indian universities have created incubation & entrepreneurship development centers, the missing link has been a research center. Continuing engagement between academia, industry, & policy makers is an important aspect which cannot be ignored
  • The proposed center at IIT Madras will close this gap & complement existing initiatives in Indian universities
  • It will serve as a catalyst for policy creation & influence practice


To engage in:
  • Cutting edge academic research with policy makers, practitioners & entrepreneurs as clear end users of research outcomes
  • Synthesis of evidence for objective decision making, specifically with respect to policy making
  • Knowledge creation & dissemination through conferences & publications
  • Short term, high quality customized executive development programs for industry in the areas of venture capital, entrepreneurial businesses, & related areas

To provide a forum for collaboration with leading universities abroad through facilitation of visits by international scholars & faculty


  • To influence and create an impact on the policy thought process – preparation of the annual India VCPE report and white papers for wide circulation among the policy makers
  • High quality research outputs grounded in the Indian context. These would be targeted for publication in the top tier journals, thereby giving international visibility to the scholarly output
  • Reflective and bridge programs for executive development
          - contributing to the development of domestic alternative financing industry
  • An interactive forum with leading universities abroad

Next Steps
  • A prospective donor for initial funding for one time establishment, & start-up costs
  • Funding for recurring costs
  • Generation of additional funding through separate funding proposals
  • Formation of a steering committee with members from industry to guide the functioning of the centre

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Centre for Ventures and Alternative Investments

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