PM CARES - Fight against Covid-19


About the cause:

COVID-19 pandemic has become an emerging global health crisis and requires the best of our efforts to overcome. This sudden outbreak has already created an enormous medical and financial burden shattering many lives.

In order to help the Government of India during these challenging times, IIT Madras is playing its part by extending support to the PM-CARES fund (Prime Minister’s emergency fund to help the government in its fight against nCOVID-19)

Now IIT Madras alumni will be able to make a collective contribution to the PM-CARES fund through IITM. IITM will ease the process of donation and tax exemption. We hope our alumni will make use of this facility and collectively join the cause.

Your donations, large or small, will help the government in supporting those affected by the nCovid-19 and every other human in distress right now.

Please do join this effort and donate to PM-CARES fund through IITM.

All donations will be eligible for 100 % deduction in India.

PM CARES - Fight against Covid-19

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