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The IIT Madras Green fund is being raised from a growing recognition of the need to protect the unique biodiversity of the IIT Madras campus. The campus was carved out of a natural forest that formed part of the Guindy National Park. The Guindy National Park and IIT Campus come under Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest type - the least common vegetation type seen in India. The campus can be considered as an ideal example for the coexistence of various types of mini-ecosystems. These are (1) open grasslands (2) wetlands (3) thick forest patches and (4) patches of scrub jungle. The main inhabitants of these ecosystems are the blackbuck, spotted deer, jackals, mongoose, monkeys, squirrels, toddy cats, wild cats, dogs, various types of reptiles, a plethora of insects including about 40 different species of butterflies and about 100 species of birds. IITM campus also hosts large groups of migratory birds and butterflies every year. Managing and protecting the flora and fauna of our campus requires your support.

The fund will be utilized to support the flora and fauna conservation needs of our campus including supporting employees and providing shelter to animals. Special programs to support the development of wildlife, as well as tree planting, will be run using the resources in the fund. The fund will also be used to sustain spotted deer, blackbuck as well as free-ranging and feral dogs on campus. In all cases, the activities undertaken using this fund shall follow all Animal Welfare Board guidelines as well as other state and central laws.

We had enjoyed our stay on this beautiful campus, let us create an even more beautiful campus for future generations! Please contribute to this very important initiative and make a lasting impact on protecting the campus flora and fauna.

*All contributions to IIT Madras are 100% tax exempted.

IIT Madras Green fund

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