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NASA launched the very first space shuttle...

Rajiv Gandhi breezes through Amethi elections becoming an MP...

Mozart's Undiscovered Symphony was discovered. And also significantly, a vibrant batch of young movers and shakers graduated from IIT-Madras, with stars in their eyes and a gazillion dreams in their hearts and the world was never the same!

This year the batch of 1981 is celebrating its 40th reunion and we at IIT Madras are very excited to host the batch at IIT Madras for the reunion. The batch of 1981 has always generously contributed to the development of IIT Madras. The batch has provided the seed capital to establish the Centre for Innovation(CFI), a student lab set up to promote informal learning and foster innovation and invention in technology. The construction of the building is in progress, here is the latest update. Thanks for your past batch contributions and look forward to your support to make IIT Madras a globally renowned institution for years to come.

How the money will be used

The funds donated by the batch will be used for projects and endowments based on the conscience of the batch.

Total funds received so far

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  • No.of Donors : 103
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