Young Faculty Research Fund


IIT Madras is seeking to encourage and provide the right infrastructure and support to young faculty research. This will help in providing them an accelerated career path.

Young Faculty Members mostly find it challenging to get funding for their research and that is precisely where we seek to support them. This may also result in attracting the best talent among young faculty from across the country, and beyond, to IIT Madras.

We seek to value add by providing additional space, upgrading existing research facilities, buying of State-of-the-Art equipment, and even supporting the young faculty researchers for travelling to international conferences to stay abreast with the latest in their areas of research.

For this purpose, we intend setting up a Rupees 100 Crore endowment. We appeal to IIT-M Alumni and Corporates to contribute liberally and play your part in doing your bit in providing an enabling environment to Young Faculties to focus in their research unfettered.

Young Faculty Research Fund

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