Support Final year M.A Students at IIT Madras


About the cause

The Final Year MA students at IIT Madras were being given a stipend of Rs.5000 per month for 10 months from August to May. The funds for this scholarship were raised from alumni. But unfortunately, this year the stipulated fund for this cause has been exhausted. The stipend given in the final year is of significant help to the students receiving it. It was being used by the students to fund any costs incurred from fieldwork for their research as a part of their M.A Projects. Some others were using the stipend for funding their coaching classes for preparing for Competitive Exams, GRE and TOEFEL, etc. It was of greater support for the students coming from low income and social backgrounds. Through this stipend mechanism, the students would engage in part-time work amounting to 12 hours per month both within and outside of the department. Within the department, the final year students would undertake crucial academic support systems like the Study Circles which would help the other students. Further, a few students used to work at the Heritage Centre as well.

The exhaustion of the fund impacts the support which has been provided to the students. These students do not draw any other stipend, therefore it is crucial for us to ensure that this system of stipend continues. This would require a fund of Rs.12.5 Lakhs per annum.

Request our alumni to support this initiative and contribute generously.

Support Final year M.A Students at IIT Madras

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