Institute Chair Professorship in Civil Engineering - Dr. B. S. Murty


About the cause

Dr. B.S. Murty did his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering in R.E.C. Tiruchirapalli (now N.I.T. Tiruchirapalli). Later, he spent three years in Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, two years (1982-1984) as a Master’s Student and one year (1984-1985) as a Project Associate. He then went to Washington State University, Pullman, Washington for pursuing the doctoral degree. He was awarded a Ph.D. in 1989 by the Washington State University. In 1989, he joined IIT Kanpur as a faculty of Civil Engineering, where he worked till the end of 1998. He later moved to IIT Madras, as a faculty member working as a professor in the Department of Civil Engineering. His areas of research lie in Open-Channel Flows & Free Surface Flows, Sediment Transport Modeling, Surface & Subsurface Flow Interaction, Pipe flows & Condition Assessment, Contaminant Transport Modeling, and Water Resources Management in Coastal and Deltaic Systems.

He has guided more than 8 students for their Ph.D.’s and 30+ students for their master’s in Technology. He has published around 38 research article both in Indian and Foreign Journals. He has written around 13 conference publications and 2 book chapters. He has sponsored several research projects like Investigation on pressure wave propagation in bubbly gas-water flows, Numerical modelling of avalanches, Flood and sediment routing in river systems: A mathematical model, Leak detection and isolation in gas pipeline networks and Development of model for clean-up of Cr(VI) contaminated aquifers using bio-remediation for a period of 12 years with a total funding of 48 lakhs. He also did several consultancy projects like Strengthening of the existing water distribution system in Tirupur water supply project, Prakasam Barrage at Vijayawada: Investigations for assessment of the condition of the barrage and recommendations for maintenance, One-dimensional breach analysis on the summer storage tank and safety, etc.

We request all alumni who have interacted with Dr. B.S. Murty, and have fond memories with him, to sponsor the Chair he occupies. An Institute Chair requires an Endowment of Rs 1 Cr, and the annual returns from the principal will be used to sustain the Chair. The Chair can be named as per wish of the donor.

We appeal to all of you to join hands in this endeavour and contribute generously.

How the money will be used

The endowment returns will be deployed towards operational expenses associated with the chair

Institute Chair Professorship in Civil Engineering - Dr. B. S. Murty

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