Professor BVSSS Prasad Memorial Award


Dr. BVSSS Prasad, Professor of Fluid Machinery Laboratory (earlier Thermal Turbomachines Laboratory referred as TTML Lab), Mechanical Engineering Department, IIT Madras, succumbed to Covid-19 this year 2021. In a very unexpected and unfortunate moment, we lost our beloved professor Dr BVSSS Prasad, a person who radiated love and affection with all those who were associated with him, personally and officially.

We, a group of 50+ students of late Prof. Dr BVSSS Prasad (PhD & MS Scholars, MTech & BTech students, project associates & project officers worked under him) and family members of Dr BVSSS Prasad, together are interested to constitute an Institute day award “Professor BVSSS Prasad Memorial Award”, in the department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Madras.

An annual Institute prize of Rs. 10,000 + (medal/ certificate) requires a donation of Rs. 5 lakh (or equivalent in foreign currency). With this donation, the award will be given for 15 years. We desire to make an appeal to the alumni, academic community of IIT Madras and organizations (government and private) who had association with Prof. BVSSS Prasad, in various forms and times. Request to help with your graceful contribution of any amount of your preference, to realize this.

We are confident that your contributions will help us to keep the memory of Prof. BVSSS Prasad, forever in IIT Madras.

About Professor Dr BVSSS Prasad

Dr. BVSSS Prasad received his PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, in 1986.  He worked as Lecturer and Assistant Professor at IIT Kharagpur, prior to joining IIT Madras as Associate Professor in 1995. He was a Visiting Research Scientist and Visiting Professor at University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA and Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada during 1991-93.

His research contributions include fluid flow and heat transfer pertaining to turbomachinery, CFD, fluidized bed technology and heat flux measurements. The dominant research area of his interest is gas turbine blade cooling. He edited 8 conference proceedings, guided 13 PhD scholars, 18 MS scholars and 48 M.Tech students. He undertook 94 sponsored and industrial consultancy projects worth several crores. He published 140 papers in various peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. He is a life member of several professional societies and served as Vice President, FMFP and as President, FPSI (Madras Chapter).

Professor BVSSS Prasad Memorial Award

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This appeal is fully funded. Our thanks to all the donors

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