Women Leading IITM Endowment


Leveling the playing field for women in STEM at IITM

IIT Madras launched the 'Women Leading IITM' (WLI) program on March 08th 2021 to boost women’s leadership in science and technology. This is a program to Nurture, Develop and Support women’s talent at IITM along with their research and professional career pursuits.

Our Goals:
  • * Increase the percentage of women faculty in Assistant Professorships to 20% from the current 15%.
  • * Generate 30% of all faculty applications from Women candidates.
  • * Enable the Grantees rise up to leadership roles within IITM.
  • * Create the next-generation ambassadors for a gender-balanced IITM.
  • * Establish an award for Women Faculty in Leadership.

Supporting Women in STEM @ IITM is an initiative that not only helps them grow in their professional life, but directly contributes to nation building. An empowered woman means an empowered country. 

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Women Leading IITM Endowment

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    WLI 2022-23 Half yearly report


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