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  • We  are  pleased  to  inform  you  that  IIT Madras,  this  year  is  proposing  a  sports  scholarship  to one outstanding   student   who  excels   in  one  of  the  following   sports  Tennis,  Table Tennis,  Swimming, Athletics & Badminton. IIT M  has  possibly one of the  best  sporting facilities in India. We want to attract high performing students to IIT M.
  • This is an annual scholarship  with an  endowment of  50 lakhs which will yield an interest of 3 lakhs per  student    per    year.   Only   students   who  clear  JEE  and  join  IITM  will  be   eligible.  We need 5 such scholarships per year, so the endowment is valued at 2.5 Cr.
  • This  offers  an   excellent   branding    opportunity,  Plus   your  generous  contribution  will  lead  to  the development of a well rounded Engineer.
  • The under  lying aim is to improve the  perception of IITM to match reality as simply the best Engineering Institute in India !

          Sports Scholarship

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