Corpus to Ensure Global Water Security


Water is the essence of our planet and the most fundamental need of life.

IIT Madras, a pioneer in clean water research and translation, has set up the International Centre for Clean Water (ICCW) with the support of HT Parekh Foundation (HTPF). It has been functioning at the IIT Madras Research Park since 2019. This state-of-the-art centre enables anyone to come up with an idea and innovate in the area of water leading to technologies and products. It has done a phenomenal amount of work in the past four years, despite the pandemic to bring about social impact through new technology development & implementation, human capacity building, and start-up acceleration.

While there are many running projects with governments and corporations, much more work is needed to address the water needs of agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors. To scale up the Centre’s operations, a corpus of at least Rs 10 crores is needed to buffer the cash flow and unleash human potential to focus on identifying and delivering socially relevant projects. This will help ICCW realise its vision and mission – TO ENSURE WATER SECURITY FOR THE WORLD.

The ongoing projects are:

    ● Universal low-cost mobile enabled sensors deployed in villages
    ● Hydroinformatics platform for addressing water-health nexus in villages
    ● Wastewater-based epidemiology for better governance of urban communities
● Research to large-scale implementation of sustainable desalination, fluoride/arsenic removal, and        atmospheric water harvesting technologies
    ● Acceleration programme for start-ups with social impact

A sample of the activities of the centre:

    ● Annual reports: 2019, 20202021 & 2022
    ● Music videos “Rivers of India” & “Monsoons” (supported by IITM 84 batch)
    ● Online events WaterTalks & World of Water Action Forum
    ● Consultancy for buildings and industries towards achieving “Net Zero Water”
    ● Research, Analysis, and Validation support to corporates and start-ups
    ● Capacity-building programs for students, corporate, and government officials

Visit our website:; YouTube channel; and LinkedIn for more information.

Contribute to building water security for the country and world at large!​

Corpus to Ensure Global Water Security

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