1978 Batch Ruby Reunion fund



About the cause

      • Let’s open the doors for our pride Ruby Re-union for the batch of 1978 and welcome them.
      • “REUNITE” – a great way to catch up and socialise with your loved ones.
      • A get together event to reconnect and to make IIT Madras a globally renowned institution for years to come.
      • This is also an occasion for contributing back to alma mater.
      • We thank all of you for your contributions earlier like Himalaya Kailash Wing, Development of Carbon Nanotube-based Water Filter, Alumni Endowment Fund, Shaastra Event 2018 etc. and we hope you will recommit the same going forward.
      • Your generous contribution is requested.
      • Hope to catch up and make this a memorable one.

Past Reunion Contributions of 1978 Batch.

1. Received Rs. 20 lakhs towards Alumni Endowment Fund.
2. Received Rs. 1.06 Cr towards Himalaya Kailas Wing.
3. Received Rs. 14 lakhs towards Carbon Nanotube-based Water Filter.
4. Received Rs. 26 lakhs towards Reconfigurable Robotics Project.
5. Received Rs. 6.3 lakhs towards Shaastra water competition.

How the money will be used

The funds donated by the batch will be used for Faculty Externships.

These projects and endowments will be based on the conscience of the batch.

1978 Batch Ruby Reunion fund

  • No Of Donorw
  • No.of Donors : 42
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Utilization Report

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    Prakash Faculty Externship Final Report

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    Alumni Fund Report

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    Hmalaya Wing

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