Help Us to raise Rs.1000Cr endowment to establish IIT Madras as a world-class research institution.

Your contributions will help IIT Madras achieve its 2021 - 2027 Strategic Plan.

Strategic Plan 2020

The Plan calls for building a new Research Campus to locate the Centers of Excellence and leveraging the IIT Madras Research Park to establish a culture of innovation for students, faculty and alumni; resulting in the Institute being recognized as a hub for entrepreneurship in Chennai.

By 2020, IIT Madras expects to:

  • Recruit 30 "top class" faculty/year from current 560 to 700
  • Increase faculty participation in sponsored research from 60% to 75%
  • Increase faculty participation in consultancy from 36% to 65%
  • Increase annually funded research from $50M to $100M
  • Increase annual patent applications from current 100 to 140
  • Commercialize 5 -10 research innovations annually
  • Increase the number of startups incubated annually from 12 to 20
  • Increase Centers of Excellence from current 16 to 25
  • Current funding from government will support the operational needs of the Institute
  • Your gift will help us to meet our aspirational goals
  • Help us to build an endowment of Rs.500 crores to Rs.1000 crores