Give Every Month! - recurring contribution, is a method through which alumni can contribute small (or large) amounts periodically. Contributions can be made monthly/quarterly/half-yearly or annually. In this way, alumni are encouraged to contribute regularly and be associated closely with their alma mater. GEM is an idea whose time has come, where all members contribute regularly with the intention of building a sizable corpus over a period of time, so that the aims and the goals of the Institute can be achieved. The contribution from GEM are utilized towards "IIT Madras Student Travel Grant", and many students have benefitted through this.

Our students attend international conferences, workshops, summits, competitions, etc. in ever-increasing numbers. You can help fund out 'Travel Grant Program' which covers expenses that other sources cannot.

As our international relations strengthen, more students are spending "semesters abroad" at the labs of collaborating faculty, bringing new vitality and vibrancy to IITM's research efforts.The needs are growing by the day. Now, more than ever, we need alumni GEMs to propel us into the upper echelon of the world's best Universities. And help us recruit the best students and the best faculty.

Do your part. Become a GEM of an Alum today! Let's have 2020 Alumni GEMs by 2020!