Women Leading IITM Endowment


IITM has made considerable progress in improving the number of women students/ faculty & creating opportunities for success. IIT Madras has launched the 'Women Leading IITM' (WLI) program on March -08th 2021 to boost women leadership in science and technology. Launched in 2021, WLI is a program to Nurture, Develop and Support women talent at IITM furthering their study/professional careers. This program is being funded generously by an endowment from some of our US alumni with the overarching goal of achieving a more gender-balanced & nurturing campus. 

The goals of the 'Women Leading IITM' program include:

- Increasing the percentage of women faculty in Assistant Professorships

- Generating 30% of all faculty applications from Women candidates

- Grantees expected to graduate to leadership roles within IITM

- Next-generation ambassadors for enabling a gender-balanced IITM

  • “Women Leading IITM” Endowment
$2M corpus providing $100K/yr (~Rs. 70L) towards “Women Leading IITM” grants to faculty
Accelerate Recruit - Secure - Promote - Nurture - Support programs
Institute of Eminence -> opportunity to expand women leadership

In the Year 2021-22, 18 grants were awarded and 24 grantees have been chosen to receive the WLI grant for the year 2022-23 to support their endeavors and spur their academic pursuits.

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Women Leading IITM Endowment

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Utilization Report

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    WLI 2022-23 Half yearly report


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