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About the cause

The purpose of this Appeal for Twenty "Founding Professors" Chairs (14 Indian, 6 German) is to encourage the Extended Pioneer Alumni (1964-69 batches) to establish the Chairs, as we celebrate our latest revenue of more than 1000 Crore through projects and consultancies during 2021-22.

The current focus is to establish the Chair for our First Director, Prof. B. Sengupto’s, Dr. Ing. Koch and Dr. V. G. K. Murti, the living Founding Professor AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. He WAS HONORED TO SPEAK AT OUR DIAMOND JUBILEE EVENT ON JULY 31 WITH A VIDEO MESSAGE.

These Founding Professors taught Fundas and concepts to us; inculcated critical and analytical thinking skills; imbibed and crafted us to grow into the productive Global professionals.

Please see the Appeal letter with the video segment from the Oral history, the List of Founding Professors, the Photo List and our Alumni list for your support.

Presentation of our Classmate, R. Ganesh’s (1.015/59) Workshop Desktop Model of December 1959 to Dean, Mahesh Panchagnula, Consul General, Karin Stoll, and Director, Bhaskar Ramamurthi

How the money will be used

Money will be used to create the endowment

 70 Lakhs by Sep 30, 2020     1.4 Crore by Dec 31,  2020

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