Naming Rights for Seminar Hall in Department of Mechanical Engineering - Ranganathan Building


About the cause

The MES Seminar Hall of Manufacturing Engineering Section under Department of Mechanical Engineering is located on the 1 st floor of the Ranganathan Building. The building started operating from the year of 1990. This seminar hall took a tangible shape in the year of 2003, when the expansion of the-then infrastructure of Manufacturing Engineering section was initiated and soon it became a highly sought after place for versatile professional activities.

The seminar hall was primarily planned for conducting regular classes of DD, M.Tech and PhD students and routine student seminars related to their curricular exercises. This 20 × 45 sqft hall has a capacity of 60+ seating arrangement. With time, number of electronic teaching gadgets, audio-visual system were added to its basic facilities. The Hall was made equipped with modern LED lighting, high quality glass boards and blind roller curtains for the windows. Eventually, the seminar hall became a popular choice for demonstrating industrial products to PG students as well as conducting special lecture series and talks by invited national/international faculties, eminent scientists and technocrats. To mention a few of them, Prof. R. Komandury (Oklahoma State University, USA), Dr. Subbu Subramanian (President, STIMS Institute Inc. Lexington, MA, USA), Dr. Rajurkar (University of NEBRASKA LINCOLN, USA), Dr. Jian Chao (North-Western University, USA), Dr. Shiv G. Kapoor (University of Illinois, USA), Dr. Marinesku (University of Toledo, USA), Dr. UlzWoller (Production Manager, Mahr GmBH, Gottingen, Germany), Dr. Satish Bukkapatnam (Texas A&M University College of Engineering), Mr. Xuan Hwan (Coherent INC, California, USA), Mr. Michael Donat (CEO, PaiNaTech, Constant ltd ) made their gracious presence and presented know-how of many state-of-the-art technologies and ongoing research activities on various fields. The seminar hall is also used for hosting classes related to different short-term courses and workshops as well as inaugural ceremonies and felicitation programs for many small scale events.

The above Seminar Hall is offered for Naming Rights for the value of 1.15 Cr.

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